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New Year, New Rebranding Announcement.

Information Technology

If you all haven’t noticed Fulltechpodcast has decided to rebrand. As throughout the years once upon quake fans, to fulltechpodcast and now to our new name TechHoller!

This decision comes with the fact that I don’t really podcast as much as I would like to so it never did feel fitting to keep calling the website and YouTube a “Podcast” anymore. That and FTP were always in conflict well… File Transfer Protocol. I literally could not name the YouTube Channel FTP, or FTP Full Tech Podcast. It wasn’t allowed.

I think also the new name incorporates what I’ve always been. A Gaming Hi-Tech Redneck. I enjoy lots of different technology, old, new, and really just straight-up nerding out.

I feel like this new name gives me more opportunities and an easier name to remember. One that encompasses who I am as a creator, and fits well with anyone else that wants to join.

I don’t think I had 1 single guest on a podcast in well over a year. It’s just funner and easier for me to get on video and talk about a certain topic than it is trying to gather up a guest, have 10-15 topics, record it edit it. With time constraints it’s just easier to do what I can on my own, on my own time instead of trying to schedule to have guests on.

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This isn’t to say “Full Tech Podcast” is going away or a podcast type of show, as I might still do it but it will only be in video form from now on, unless interest grows high. That being said my small business Magoffin News Network LLC is in the works of starting up a local podcast/video channel.

So I’m sure I will have my podcasting filled and producing that show, but I also will have some extra hands to get it done.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the new name, I think I’ll keep the logo just changing the name for now. Same content as always but hoping to reach a much bigger audience with an easier name to remember!

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