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Adobe Flash Windows XP and Firefox 2021 – Workaround

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Your Business or Business you support have some ancient hardware that needs Adobe Flash to access their embedded website? Of course you do, because no one believes in upgrading anything!

Since most companies I’ve dealt with always decide way before its too late, Adobe and the Internet in general has killed Flash.

If you are lucky one of your workstations didn’t get an update, has flash installed and it all works. That’s great, you are lucky but how lucky are you going to continue to be? Eventually, that browser if it has access to the internet will get the kill switch too!

If you want to keep that machine take it offline now, back it up whatever you got to do to keep it running for now.

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The majority of us though, are not so lucky. Maybe there is a new client you’ve picked up and they have no way to access their current information to even get an upgrade.

This is where I’m going to do my best to help you out!

Adobe Flash Windows XP 32-BIT and Firefox Download

Since flash isn’t secure, and by today’s standard Windows XP isn’t secure to even be online anymore…


What you are going to want to do is only give this VM, or physical install of Windows XP only what it needs to connect to the hardware you are connecting it too. For example, don’t give the VM/PC a gateway and instead give it a static route so it can access only the LAN. There are many options you can do to prevent XP from talking to the internet.

Download Firefox and Adobe Flash

Download at your own caution but I’ve provided in a google drive link, Firefox Version 34, and Adobe Flash 17 for Windows XP.

This should be sufficient enough to get you access to the website you need.

If you don’t trust my links, I completely understand. Most of this software is luckily backed up on and you can find every version of flash located on

You will have to do your own research from there. If you want to try this in Windows 7 you can do that as well. Windows XP just carries a lighter footprint than 7 so that’s why I went with that.

Hypervisors to use

You might not even know what a hypervisor is. I’ll give you a small and simple breakdown.

A hypervisor is the software that holds all the Virtual Machines. There are 2 types of Hypervisors, Type 1 and Type 2. If you want to learn more click here.

If you work in the IT industry you’ve most likely ran across some of these. VMware, Hyper-V, etc. Most of them are free to use at this point, at least certain versions.

Anyways if you want to test this out on your own PC right now I’d suggest using Virtual-Box.

Install this on your PC, you might have to tinker with some BIOs settings if something isn’t running correctly so be aware of that.

I don’t want to go into a full on VM explanation here but it is a solid hypervisor to you and gets the job done, and its FREE. You will be able to use this to get to your ancient technology.

Where an I get Windows XP?

adobe flash windows xp 2021

So you got the download for Adobe Flash, and Firefox… But, now you have no idea where your Windows XP CD is at.

That is ok, is back to the rescue again!

The great thing about Hypervisors too is they read from .ISOs so no need to burn any software. Just download a Windows XP Professional SP3 from there. Again, you will have to search on your own. For reasons I’m not going to directly link to a Windows download because of “Piracy” reasons.

For the most part no one is going to care if you download Windows XP, just do what you need to do, and turn off the VM or Delete it.

If you are in need of a Key just search up google “KMS Windows XP Key”. That should get you where you need to go.

Still Confused?

I’m not always available but you can drop by the official Discord for Full Tech. We are always talking about Video Games, Servers, Hosting, Computers and more!

I’ll try to get back with you with an answer as soon as possible!

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  1. It’s important to address the challenges posed by outdated software like Adobe Flash. This article provides a workaround for running Adobe Flash on Windows XP, considering its lack of security updates. It’s worth exploring the provided method for emergency use and considering the use of hypervisors to isolate the system. Just be cautious and ensure the safety of your systems while trying these solutions.

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