Windows 365

Windows 365, Final Fantasy XIV, and More!

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Full Tech Podcast
Windows 365, Final Fantasy XIV, and More!

Microsoft Officially announces Windows 365, basically a Virtual Machine hosted by Microsoft! This is pretty big news but as more and more companies decide to go to a “cloud” or a hosted service. The more stuff we will likely see of this.

I think this is big news as Microsoft can make a better and more streamlined version of Windows accessible anywhere.

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Is this the Future of Windows and Operating Systems?

In today’s podcast Smango is Joined by his Pal Naeb again from inthekeep!

Windows 365

Podcast Breakdown

This episode features the following segments!

  • Windows 365
  • Final Fantasy XIV Explodes / Asmongold WoW
  • Random Tech Support Story
  • Favorite Windows Operating System
  • Ending Segment
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