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Gaming on a Budget: The Best Completely Free PC Games


In this ongoing list, I’ll be going over some of the Best Completely Free Games for PC.

What this means is that the games I’ll be covering here at absolutely 100% free to download and play. While some of the games can be played online, they will not require a connection. No in-game shops.

However, if there is a donate button to the developer that keeps up the game that might be linked as well.

This list can feature Windows and Linux games, which might also work on Mac. Since I don’t have a Macintosh I cannot confirm if they do work.

With that being said let’s go ahead and get started.

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Sonic Robo Blast 2

Sonic Robo Blast 2

You can go here to download the game – Download Link

Website –

Sonic Robo Blast is one of those games I came across completely by accident. I was scouring for some games and software to test out on a recent Linux install. Just so happened Sonic Robo Blast was one of the featured games at the time.

After installing it on Linux I decided I wanted to compile a list of completely free games for the website here.

I really cannot believe this game is free, and actually has never been taken down for using Sonic’s Likeness but what we have here is a very fun game. Running a modified version of the Doom Legacy source port of Doom!

That’s not all this game you can download addon/mods for this game so the fun never stops with just the original game.

Arena First-Person Shooters

Since there are so many Arena FPS games I’ve covered in the past I’ll just make one section of the best completely free ones you need to keep your eye on. We will start with my favorite and most recommended and onto the rest.

Open Arena

Download –

Website –

If you’ve followed me at all, you’ve heard of talk about Openarena I’m sure. Basically what Openarena is, is a completely free and open-source Arena First Person shooter on the Quake III engine. There are virtually no assets that Quake III used in this game anymore.


The main reason to really play this game today is a little mod known as Ratmod. No one really works on OpenArena anymore but rodent keeps the game fresh and up to date as much as possible.

I recommend checking out the Ratmod FAQ and running Ratmod/Openarena using the ioquake3 engine.


Best Completely Free Games

Download –

Website –

Essential a fork of the famous (at least back in the day) Warsow. Warfork done a genius move and decided to put the game on steam and well have active developers.

The only thing wrong with this game is there is not a large player base but it is tons of fun to play and will continue to grow. But, it’s Completely FREE and one of the best completely free games you can get on steam.


xonotic logo

Download –

Website –

Podcast Episode –

The story of Xonotic is a weird one. I’ve deemed it the “Best of the Forks” because it is an original Quake Engine-based game but forked from Nexuiz. Then there is also Rexuiz.

Anyways, I digress this game is awesome. It’s completely free and you can customize just about anything in the game to your liking.

Honorable Mentions

  • Quetoo – If you are looking for a Quake II multiplayer action completely free then keep an eye on this game. It’s a bit rough around the edges right now but maybe a solid release will come soon.
  • Open Tournament – Since the demise of Unreal Tournament 4 (which looked promising) due to Fortnite being an overwhelming success and Epic pulling devs from everyone. Someone is trying to continue what could have been.
  • OpenFortress – In Open Alpha this is a game to keep an eye on. With tons of custom game modes and more. I would say it’s Team Fortress 2 but really it’s so much more.

Sonic Boll

sonic boll best completely free games

Website –

Download – Link to Mega

Sonic Boll is a mix-up game between Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog games.

I cannot express how great this game is, the only unfortunate thing is I think it is only available on Windows OS for the time being.

I’m surprised Nintendo hasn’t come over their Super Mario IP in this game. Which it very well might the more this game grows in popularity. Sonic Boll isn’t open source but it’s about as free as free can get. With add-ons and more you are free to download off gamebanana.

This game has split-screen and controller support as well!

Last Updated 5/25/2022

Best Completely Free Games for PC: Conclusion

Be sure to check back next time on this list. I’ll be updating it for a long time coming, as long as I keep blogging and making content that is.

Again, this list is for completely free games for PC. None of this F2P “always online” “game as a service” stuff.

That can be a list for another day.

Be sure to join the discord and let me know what games I should check out and if they are worth putting on the list.

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