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Is Doom 2016 still worth playing in 2022?

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Doom 2016 got me to upgrade my computer before it launched. Bethesda decided to release the requirements to run the game and I tried to come as close to or exceed those requirements.

For those of you who have never built a computer before or want to, for just a tip this is a good way to know what specs you should aim for. Choose the game you want to play, make sure your computer comes to those specs, and build it.

Back to Doom 2016. This game is totally worth playing the Single Player Experience in. I was not a fan of Doom 3 and thought they took the game completely in the wrong direction. Doom 3 and Then Quake IV was sad, sad time for gamers like me who loved both IPs.

Doom 2016 however brought back the awesomeness that is Doom. Fast Guns and Gameplay with tons and tons of gore.

So, YES Doom 2016 is still worthing playing.

If you want to try out Doom 2016 cheap and “free” the best way to do that is with (Xbox)PC Game Pass, as it stands now Microsoft owns Bethesda.

Is Doom 2016 Multiplayer still active in 2022

Sadly, as far as I can tell Doom 2016 multiplayer is basically non-existent. There are too many games other there that offer a better experience and even some made by the same company.

I’ve heard you can change the region to EU and will be able to find more games that way. So if you still want to experience the multiplayer there is still a little bit of hope.

In my opinion, you are better off wasting your time playing another Arena FPS game that has a decent player base.

Is Doom 2016 a reboot?

Doom 2016 is 100% a reboot of the game. The Doom Slayer or as known back in the day as Doom Guy is the same one from the old games that have been resurrected to kill all the demons again.

This was a much well-received and much welcome reboot of the franchise. Doom 3 wasn’t the best game in my opinion and seems like it was mostly used to show of John Carmack’s skills and used as a tech demo. This also ruined Quake IV as it honestly felt like an add-on pack to Doom 3 on the same engine. Doom 3 works better as a VR experience than it ever did as a traditional first-person shooter.

The reboot of Doom brought back what was awesome in the original Doom-Doom 64 and just amplified the gore and made it extremely fun to play.

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