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Quake Horde Mode is… Unbelievable and FREE!

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Quake Horde Mode was introduced in the latest update for the Original Quake.

Yes, that is right, the original Quake is still getting tons of updates here lately.

Since the “Remaster” of the Original which brought back life to Quake and got it on all modern gaming consoles. Quake has been seen by more eyes than ever!

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Not only did this patch introduce Horde Mode it comes with even more maps, and add-ons that console player’s are not normally use to receiving. Needless to say the Kex engine might be the single greatest thing to ever happen to Quake.

What is Quake Horde Mode

Quake Horde Mode Gameplay

Horde Mode on Quake reminds of of the gameplay style of Call of Duty Zombies in a way.

Grabbing powerups, unlocking other weapons, discovering hidden secrets, and you can really see how far you can HOLD out if you really want too.

Just imagine if this would’ve been made back in 1996 it would’ve blown everyone’s mind. It’s just awesome that it added completely for FREE if you own the game. No DLC payments required.

How to play Quake Horde Mode

Horde Mode is considered a Multiplayer Mode so you just need to go to the Multiplayer section on whatever platform you own Quake on.

This must be played on the Modern/Remastered Version of Quake that was released in 2021.

After going to MP, you should see an option to play Horde Mode, select it and go through some of the options and you should be going throw waves of Quake monsters before you know it.

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It is exciting to be a Quake fan that is for sure I cannot see what else comes to the Quake Community with this addition of Horde Mode it really is un-telling what else they have up their sleeves.

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