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Episode 43 – World of Warcraft Almost Ruined my Life…

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Episode 43 - World of Warcraft Almost Ruined my Life...

In This Podcast Episode, Smango talks about the heavy gaming addiction which was World of Warcraft and how it almost ruined his life during his college years.

Similar to many stories I’ve heard recently and the trend of other people sharing their stories of World of Warcraft. I thought I would do the same thing.

Let’s a step back in time and talk about how World of Warcraft almost ruined my life and many others.

Playing WoW for hours and hours on end, moving schedules around so I could play anymore.

World of Warcraft addiction was a very real thing for me, and it almost cost me everything.

In This Episode

We being the tale from the beginning of Smango’s MMORPG experience. What it was like playing video games that ended. Then came along World of War

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