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Enherjar Synergy is by far one of the WORST FPS games ever made…

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I decided to finally give Enherjar Synergy a try after about a year of being notified about its existence.

Looking at the game from afar I really didn’t expect too much… Let’s give this game a go and see what we find out.

In this article, we will review and cover the Arena Shooter Enherjar Synergy. I’ve tried to be as nice as possible but this game deserves much worse than what’s been written and said in the video.

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For a video game that claims that its whole intention is to create the “Arena Shooter Perfection”, it missed it by miles.

I’ve played a lot of terrible Arena FPS games since I started covering AFPS games. Before this game, I didn’t think it got much worse than Insomniacs Nexuiz Commercial released game.

Turns out, Enherjar Synergy finally dethrones that game as the worst Arena Shooter ever made.

It moves quickly… that’s about the only good thing I can say about the game. It has modes that are included in most Arena Shooters. However, the game doesn’t perform well even on an RTX 3070 TI GPU.

The guns are not fun to shoot, it’s not fun to move, and the game is not fun to play.

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I guess if you were high on acid or something and like trippy smudged together colors then you might enjoy this game.

Other than that, it’s one of the worst-looking games I’ve ever played. It’s not pleasing to look at, at all. For a game that is designed as an eSports FPS. Quick graphics would’ve been a much better choice.

The maps look terrible, with neon and bright colors looks like a unicorn took a rainbow shit on every map and this is what we got.


The music is a mess, and the gun sounds are awful. Or maybe they are good I don’t know. I was so thrown off by the sheer awfulness of the graphics and gameplay that maybe some of the music is good. I honestly have no idea I didn’t want to continue to play this abomination to see if it had any solid review items.

Enherjar Synergy: Conclusion

This game claims to always have “100,000” active players at all times. Clearly whoever designed this game either made it clearly as a joke, or they are completely delusional. Perhaps they just wanted to make an Arena FPS as a project. I am unable to find out any information from the developer Cosmic Perspective Studio other than what is listed on Steam and Moddb.

Not to mention you cannot play Ranked but for 1 hour after you’ve played it some that day. Without paying a premium $6/month fee. There is no reason to ever do that cause no one plays this game cause it’s terrible.

All I know is it’s bad, and they succeed in creating the worst abomination of an Arena First Person shooter I’ve ever played.

Congratulations Enherjar Synergy you are now the King of the Worst Arena Shooter ever.

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