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I’ve decided to start my very own Albion Online Guild for beginners. In this post I’ll go over Albion and why you should play it and how to join’s official Albion Online Guild.

The Guild name is FileTransferProtocol sticking with the naming scheme FTP.

(Get it? FullTechPodcast… FTP?)

If you want to join as quickly as possible and without reading everything that this post will have to offer all you need to do is join our Discord and join the Albion Role. Once the Albion chat opens up you can request an invite then.

join discord

Why Start an Albion Online Guild

TheSmango FileTransferProtocol Albion Online Guild

I tried to join a few beginner’s guilds but most of them are run by people who have basically already mastered the game. There also isn’t much of a NA presence for Beginner guilds that I could tell.

So, I decided to start the FileTransferProtocol Guild. To go along with the same initials as fulltechpodcast cause this is going to be the official guild.

I’m also looking to build up the gaming community for our Discord and meet some more like-minded people around the internet. People who love technology, PC gaming, and some old-school gaming. People who can go semi-serious and play other games casually and when they want to.

Albion Online blends a lot of awesome things I’ve always loved in PC Games. Crafting, Gathering, PVP, and they made it honestly quite simple on here. The PVP requires a guild or a ground of friends to truly compete which just sounds like a blast to me.

This is why I started the Guild. So people can join whenever they want and we can help each other out basically starting from Scratch. The guild island needs to be built, we need officers, we need players.

I don’t think we will ever compete with the top Guilds in the game cause some of them have been well established from the beginning. But, I don’t see why we can have fun and try to build a great community ourselves.

How to Join the FileTransferProtocol (FTP) Albion Online Guild

The main goal of joining FileTransferProtocol is to hop over to Discord –

Now, you are not required to join Discord to be part of the Guild. You can ask to join in-game by contacting me while I’m on Albion.

Playername – TheSmango.

Unfortunately, as it stands right now there are no other officers or leaders who can invite. When I’m saying we are starting off fresh, I mean we are starting off fresh.

If you can’t seem to reach me in-game you can try to reach me over on Twitter as well – @TheSmango.

Whenever it comes to social media, Discord, and Twitter is my preferred way to communicate and is the best way to get ahold of me.

Of course, most of this is subject to change, as this post will be updated to suit the Guild’s needs.

The Guild Island is located in the Lymhurst City.

Looking for Leaders/Officers

I will be recruiting officers and leaders who absolutely love Albion Online and wouldn’t mind showing people some of the ropes. You don’t have to be a professional gamer by any means just willing to help build the community up.

Like I said starting fresh, so we will be needing officers/leaders.

I don’t know what kind of perks officers get, maybe more access to moderating Discord if it continues to grow bigger.

Requirements to Join

As far as it stands right now, there are no requirements to join. Right now there is a 5% tax so we can build up our Guild Island with the money we all earn.

That being said… this guild will operate around the Eastern Standard Time Zone hours, sometimes known as NA-East.

The plan right now is to have events on Sunday evenings as that’s when I’m mostly free to do some PVP content.

If all that sounds great go ahead and join Discord and let me know you want to join!

join discord

Albion Premium Required?

To be a member it is not required to have Premium. If you are an officer I think it is important that you have Albion Premium so you can help out all the Free 2 Play players that want to join.

I would highly suggest getting Albion Premium though I don’t have a creator’s code as of yet. But, it really does make the game easier and gives you a good source of income. (More guides soon.)

Getting Started with Albion Online

How to get started with Albion Online is pretty simple. The first and foremost thing you want to do is complete the tutorial.

It should take you about 30 minutes and this will show you the core gameplay elements of the game. This will include crafting, gathering, using the marketplace, etc. After completing the quests you will be given Premium for about 3 days (This still will not unlock your own island.).

You will be choosing a city, this doesn’t matter too much because you can get a journey from most cities without it costing anything. It’s really according to if you are transporting goods or not.

After getting comfortable with your starting city, you may want to start adventuring out more to the higher-level zones. The first zone is usually a Yellow zone (Level 5) which has World PVP but you will not lose your stuff. This is a great way to get more comfortable with the world of Albion Online.

If you adventure to the Red and Black zones. You must know that eventually, you will die, and you will eventually lose your gear. The secret is to wear only the needed gear and can afford to lose and replace.

This is where you learn the gameplay loop of the game, most gear doesn’t matter as you can quickly replace it. The rule of thumb is don’t wear gear you can’t replace almost 10-20x over.

Is Albion Online worth playing in 2022

Albion Online is worth playing in 2022 for sure! Reading and watching videos from Veterans that have played for a long time have said the game has gotten even easier for newcomers. It’s pretty quick to get a character wearing tier 4/IV sets which are very effective in killing monsters and for PVP.

Albion is an extremely fun game and is growing daily. The amount of users on steam alone is healthy enough for a great MMORPG experience. The world of Albion Online is totally based on the economy of the players. Everything is gathered or crafted from a player on the game and then sold to you. While it might not be as open world as say Ultima Online which can be overwhelming. Albion in my opinion is like if Ultima Online or Runescape had a baby with League of Legends.

You don’t have a character level, you just have skills you level up to wear the gear or craft the gear you want to wear or sale.

It’s completely free to try so why not give it a try?

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