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World of Padman from Comic to a Quake III Arena Mod

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The World of Padman by itself is interesting. Whenever I found out that one of the craziest full conversion mods I had ever seen was original a Comic book I was totally intrigued.

Where did World of Padman Start?

ENTE the creator of Padman was a Comic Book Writer for the PlayStation Games magazine. This magazine of course focused on console games. Ente was already working on comics for the publication but he decided he wanted to work on something a bit edgier.

Thus, Padman was born. From the English comics, it appears that he is supposed to be the “meanest” gamer you know.

Ente the creator got hooked on Quake 3 Arena like most of us did. Then he started creating Maps for Quake III Arena. After creating maps, came the release of Padmod. Now World of Padman is a freeware and standalone game based on the ioquake3 engine.

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Padman Quake 3 Arena Maps

The “Padmaps” was an absolute hit back in the Quake III arena days.

Ente had created the Padcastle which was super popular and got tons of downloads and was shared throughout the Quake community.


The Padcastle has Padman (comic book hero) on the walls featuring some of the other characters of the World of Padman.

Ente took this as a hint on how popular his maps were and I guess decided to enter into a modding challenge for Q3A.

World of Padman Download – Version 1.6.2

Since the release of the Quake III Engine Source Code, many games have fully standalone games that don’t require you to “mod” Quake III anymore to play.

You can now download World of Padman completely free and it doesn’t require anything else.

Since updating this article the latest version has been on November 28th, 2021.

WOP does work on modern systems and does not really need any extra setup from my experience with the game.

It worked pretty much right out of the box on Windows 10/11 without much tinkering around.

You may also play this game on Mac, Linux, and Unix as far as I know.

According to a post by Kai-li on April 6th, 2022 Version 1.7 is currently in development.

This is pretty exciting news and it appears that there are tons of new updates including game types coming for the game! I hope we and the team of WOP can build up some hype for the release of 1.7.

World of Padman: Conclusion

World of Padman

World of Padman almost feels like you are playing with some of your action figures in your room from the 1990s. While it feels like Quake III it has some vastly different gameplay elements that make it unique. There are fun and unique game modes that I’ve not really seen in other games.

Finding out that Padman was a comic first was the wildest thing I’ve ever discovered. Back in the day, I had seen the Padmod but never knew who Padman was.

This goes to show you how many people love and appreciate Quake III Arena. Ente took his creation from a magazine and created a full-fleshed-out Arena Shooter that continues to get updated.

All of this is for free.

World of Padman as you might be able to tell. Is a complete work of love. Ente loves his creation and the developers of WOP love what they’ve created and continue to support it to this very day.

Do I think you should give World of Padman a try? Absolutely.

It really is a fascinating world with plenty of cool characters and well Arena action.

Plus it’s completely free what do you have to lose?

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