Godfall is it good?

Godfall is it good? PC Godfall Gaming

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Godfall is it good?

This is a question that is getting asked a lot around the internet.

The short and simple answer from a PC Gamer. It yes, Godfall is good.

I almost listened to all the negative reviews from people who BLOW through video games the day they come out. The beat games so fast and then complain later that there is not enough content.

I’ve been taking my time, well because I don’t have a lot of time to play the game anyways.

My let’s play series of Godfall has been fantastic. I’m truly enjoying the game.

The graphics are great, the story seems ok, and just the ultimate end game looting stuff until you can’t get enough is amazing.

Godfall Vs Warframe

The biggest and closest comparison to Godfall might be Warfame… and well to a point. I honestly think its more of a 3rd person action rpg like Diablo.

The Comparisons to Warframe are not far off though. You collect and create Valor’s instead of Frames but thats really where it ends for me. I got sick of Warframe very quick.

I think its more of a mix between Diablo and Warframe.

Godfall Graphics are stunning

Whoever art designed the armor in this game deserves all the praise in the world. The armor “Valors” are absolutely stunning. I can’t get enough of how great they look. I cannot wait to unlock all of them.

For PS5 gamers this really would feel like a next gen title to me. The Graphics are just gorgeous to look at. The game runs Smooth on PC as well as you might be able to tell on the Let’s plays.

Godfall is it Good? Conclusion

In the end while I’m doing my Let’s play of Godfall I think the game has been great. I’m having a blast and thats the main point of the game.

Although Godfall isn’t’ perfect I’m really glad I didn’t listen to all the Negative reviews after everyone beat the game somehow within 24 hours of the game being released. Makes you really think doesn’t it?

I’ve been putting at least 1 hour a day into the game whenever I’m home and its been well worth it.

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Let’s Play Godfall on PC series

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