Problem with Team Fortress 2

How Botting is Ruining the Fun: The Problem with Team Fortress 2

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There is a really big problem with Team Fortress 2 going on. In this article, I plan on covering what I know and trying to dive into why it’s one of the biggest problems I’ve ever seen.

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With that being said let’s dive into Team Fortress 2 and its current problems.

What is Team Fortress 2 (TF2)

Team Fortress 2 is one of the greatest games in my opinion that has ever been made.

What started off as an Original Quake Mod (Team Fortress which you can still play here) was extremely popular and was nothing anyone had seen at the time.

While I much prefer the Half-life Mod Team Fortress Classic to the original Quake Mod. They both deliver basically the same experience.

Team Fortress is a First-Person Shooter Online game that has class-based mercenaries. For instance, you could start off as a Soldier with a Rocket Launcher starting weapon. Or a Sniper that spawns with a Sniper Rifle.

While they might not seem foreign today with other popular games like Overwatch and Paladins. This was the first of its kind.

Team Fortress 2 is the official latest entire into the Team Fortress Franchise and is owned by Valve. It is still extremely popular and the game was released back in 2007. With custom mods, servers and even now a competitive scene it’s still a very fun game.

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Botting The Main Problem with Team Fortress 2

While TF2 has many problems such as a lack of updates. The biggest and main problem with Team Fortress 2 is the number of bots that have taken over the game.

If you watched the video above which I highly suggest it as it will give you a very clear idea of what’s happening.

The bots have become so sophisticated that they are teaming up with each other and are able to vote out a Human-Player such as they did in the video with me.

Not only are they logging in, and playing music through their mics somehow, but they are also aim-botting, spinning around like crazy and head-shotting you like crazy.

This has absolutely destroyed the casual match-making mode that Team Fortress 2 has.

The only way to truly enjoy TF2 today is to join a community-hosted server that has anti-bot measures put into place. As it currently stands it appears the valve-hosted servers for casual are just allowing it to go on without much protection.

The Bot it appears in steam discussions is called a Spin/Prophet bot.

The Impact on the Team Fortress 2 Playerbase and Community

The Problem with Team Fortress 2

While I initially thought it was kind of funny I quickly grew tired of it as it was sucking all the fun out of the match I had joined. It first became sort of another game inside the game to see if I was able to defeat the bots and win the match. After doing that and in the following match I got banned because the bots voted together to do so.

This grew very tiresome and I decided to just try a community server. Which was fun but I always like leveling up in stuff when it’s possible. While TF2 is completely ruined, casual matchmaking is obviously ruined by bots currently.

Players are having to deal with this non-stop and it’s become a huge problem, most of the player base has probably moved on to other games that don’t have this bad of a problem.

What’s being done about the botting problem in TF2?

So what is being done about the botting problem in TF2?

From what I can… absolutely nothing. Team Fortress 2 is coming close to being 20 years old and is free to play. Valve in my opinion and my opinion could be wrong. Is it that they don’t care about the botting problem going on?

Problem with Team Fortress 2

If the steam community forums are anything to go on is that valve has basically dropped support for a very long time.

It is sad to see but it looks like Team Fortress 2 is just idling on with no answers in sight.

The Problem With Team Fortress 2: Conclusion

With Team Fortress 2 creeping closer to 20 years old, the botting that is happening in the game is not helping the player base or community at all. Team Fortress a game beloved by tons of people around the globe is upset and Valve has been basically silent for years.

Could this be a sign of things to come?

Maybe Team Fortress 3?

I would like to think that, a new engine, new security, and updates would be great for one of my beloved franchises.

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