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Discover the Unmatched Excellence of Simon’s Destiny: A Top-Tier Doom Mod

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Simon’s Destiny is a mod or a full conversion of Doom based on the NES Video game Castlevania.

Back in 1986 or in the 90’s I couldn’t have even imagined Castlevania being in First Person View. But, this developer(Batandy) has made it possible!

In this article and video, I will be covering and playing the Doom Standalone Mod Simon’s Destiny. Maybe you are looking for a castlevania doom wad well you have found it.

Simon’s Destiny is a STANDALONE GAME (sort of)

Simon's Destiny Gameplay

That’s right, its all completely for free. You don’t have to worry about purchasing doom2.wad or having any wads to experience this masterpiece.

Most mods require the doom2.wad or similar to work but you won’t have to worry about that for this game!

Simon’s Destiny Download

You can download Simon’s Destiny directly from the website.

You can also get version 1.4 from this media fire link.

Simon’s Destiny Install Guide

You will need to get the latest GZdoom and install it or extract it to a folder of your liking.

Download Link – GZDOOM

Be sure to download the correct files for your operating system.

Then you will want to follow these instructions:

  • Extract it into a folder
  • Place Castlevania.ipk3 in the same folder
  • Click gzdoom.exe 
  • Select OpenGL or Vulkan as your renderer, and Castlevania as the base iwad
  • Start the game!

After you are in the game be sure to set your settings to your preference! GZdoom offers a lot of different options, check them out before fully diving into the game. Also, SAVE ALOT because this game is extremely difficult.

Simon’s Destiny Doom Mod: Conclusion

This mod is leaps and bounds better than some of the Doom Mods I’ve recently played. Maybe it’s the nostalgia factor for me with the original Castlevania game. But, the sounds, graphics, and gameplay is just plain fun.

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