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5 Essential Strategies for Winning in Quake Live Clan Arena

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Quake Live Clan Arena is probably the most popular gameplay mode for this old Arena FPS game. If you don’t know much about Quake Live, it is basically an updated version of Quake III Arena released in 2010 with balance and engine changes to make it more modern.

Quake Live combines many aspects of Team Arena and the Original Q3A.

Clan Arena is the popular team-based mode that requires teams to work together to pull off a victory. With the first team to 10 and round-based, it is sometimes pretty competitive.

In this article, I will provide what I consider the best strategies for winning matches in Quake Live Clan Arena. Hopefully, you will consider subscribing to the YouTube channel, and also giving me a follow on Twitter and Twitch.

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5.) Coordinating with teammates in Quake Live Clan Arena

Since Clan Arena is a team-based mode you should expect that teams that work together more will win. While it is always tempting to be a hero and try to take on the whole team with your Lightning gun it is probably not a wise decision. Whenever you do this you can count on the other team waiting around a corner with 3 other people using LGs to instantly kill you.

In Quake Live people have been playing for years. You are most likely not even the most valuable player on your team.

Stop trying to be the hero and help your teammates. Even if you are the MVP, that is GREAT. You still are important and need to stay alive until the round concludes.

This is another strategy is to protect the best player so they can carry you to victory.

Stick together with your teammates so you can overwhelm your opponents.

4.) Weapon usage in Quake Live Clan Arena

Quake Live Clan Arena weapons

In Clan Arena, you start with ALL weapons that are available in Quake Live. However, you do not have unlimited ammo, and most of the weapons are very situationally.

It’s always wise to stick to the “unholy trilogy” known as the Rocket, Railgun, and Lightning Gun.

Rockets are good for spamming corners, as well as using the gernade launcher.

Railgun is great for long distances and adding a massive finishing blow to someone, and is quite possibly the weapon you want to focus more on in CA.

Lightning Gun is great for catching people off guard and close up.

The rest of the weapons have a purpose but it’s best to focus on the big 3.

3.) Time management in Quake Live Clan Arena

Clan Arena matches are timed, cause no one wants to sit all day and watch people run away if they are ahead.

It’s important to keep an eye out on the clock so you can play more aggressively when time is running out. If your team has the lead you would want to play more defensively so that if the time runs out you can win the round.

In most cases, you don’t want to push too hard until time is of the essence.

2.) Top Chasing Bad Fights in Clan Arena

It’s important that you don’t go after single fight that you think you can finish someone off if you haul-ass over to them. It’s most likely a TRAP.

If you catch someone out of position most of the time if you’ve done quite a bit of damage they are not going to be able to push anymore. Virtually taking them out of most team fights after that cause they will be trying to survive instead of working with their team.

I’d suggest using my rule of thumb, just because you put some damage on someone doesn’t mean you got to go directly after them! Whenever you go full-on bull rushing after someone cause you saw them. It’s not going to end well for you in CA.

Most likely you are going to be facing multiple enemies as soon as you hit the corner, or greeted with a rocket to the face.

If it’s the last player and your teammates are following behind it might be a good thing to chase and finish off the round. You should still always be careful while chasing.

1.) Target the best or Top player in Quake Live Clan Arena

While you are playing or have been playing for a while, some names will just stick out more than others. You can tell early on who the great players are and who are the most valuable on the opposing team.

Amongst the chaos that is Quake Live Clan Arena, if you can target the best player you should always do as much damage as you can to them.

Imagine if you will Liquid Rapha, decided he wanted to play Clan Arena one late evening. He then was allowed to do whatever he wanted to while using his teammates as meatshields to protect himself.

He could most likely very easily carry more matches by himself. That’s why it’s important to try to take him out early.

This is subjective as I have no idea if Rapha is good at Clan Arena or not but I’m sure his aiming skills in Duels would transfer over very nicely.

Essential Strategies for Winning in Quake Live Clan Arena: Conclusion

Quake Live is one of the best Arena FPS games ever created and it’s quite amazing that there are still quite a bit of people joining up and playing Clan Arena virtually all day.

Using these tips should give you a better edge than if you just jump into a game all by yourself with no experience.

It’s going to take time, patience, and experience to start leading the boards in CA.

Remember, stick with your teammates, use your weapons wisely, and stop trying to be the hero.

You can be the hero all you want if it’s the end of the round and it’s 1-on-1 and you might get friendly “Nice Try” or “WoW”. It might not sound like much, but receiving some kudos from veteran players gives you a good feeling.

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