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Quake (1.5) Combat: Reviving the Classic Quake with Modern Brutality

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With the resurgence of retro shooters, Quake (1.5) Combat breathes new life into the beloved classic Quake. This mod brings enhanced graphics, improved sound, and a level of brutality reminiscent of modern titles like Wrath: Aeon of Ruin, Ion Fury, and Nightmare Reaper.

What is Quake Combat?

Quake Combat, previously known as Quake 1.5, takes inspiration from the renowned Brutal Doom mod for Doom II. It transforms the original Quake into a more intense and visually appealing experience. Fans of Brutal Doom will appreciate the similar enhancements and gameplay improvements that Quake Combat offers.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Graphics: Quake Combat features updated textures, lighting effects, and models, providing a fresh look while retaining the game’s classic feel.
  • Improved Sound: The mod includes revamped sound effects, making the game’s audio experience more immersive and intense.
  • Increased Brutality: Expect more blood, gore, and action-packed gameplay that elevates the original Quake to new heights.

Installing Quake Combat

For those eager to dive into Quake Combat, here’s a step-by-step installation guide:

  1. Download the Mod: Head to ModDB to download Quake Combat and any necessary patches.
  2. Prepare Your Quake Directory: Copy the entire mod to an existing Quake directory. It’s recommended to create a separate directory for mods and keep an untouched version of Quake (from GOG, CD, Steam, etc.) as a backup.
  3. Run the Mod: After copying the mod files to your new Quake directory, launch the game using the “Run Quake 1.5.bat” file. If you encounter errors, copy the contents of the “darkplaces” folder into the main Quake directory.
  4. Additional Setup: For music integration and creating a desktop icon for Quake Combat, refer to the full video guide included in this article.

Video Guide

For a detailed installation walkthrough, watch the video guide below:


Quake Combat revitalizes the original Quake, offering an updated and more brutal experience for both new and returning players. While I haven’t yet explored the multiplayer aspect, reports suggest it enhances the game even further.

I hope to see more mods like Quake Combat in the future, as this classic game deserves continued love and attention. With enough community support, we might even see a true sequel or a high-quality remake in the future.

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