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Zoot vs Quake Champions Pro League – Episode 12

Full Tech Podcast
Full Tech Podcast
Zoot vs Quake Champions Pro League - Episode 12

Since the Quake Champions Pro League, Zoot has been pretty active letting his opinion known on the ole twitter box.

Zoot is a professional live commentator and has been casting for quite a while now.

Should Zoot jump onto the players or should Zoot be the guiding light for Quake and Arena FPS? Let us know down below!

Also covering some other topics like the rumor that Quake Champions fully releases this year.

A new Warsow fork, the best way to play the original Quake multiplayer in 2020.

Quake Champions Twitch doesn’t have many streams left anymore I talk about who you should watch.

The Challengers League finals start today. You should watch it over on twitch to see who ends up going to Katowice. We might have a brand new Quake Pro in the next few coming weeks.


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Zoot Vs Quake Champions Pro League Topics

  • Morning Spill Zoot Twitter Drama again… https://twitter.com/ThisisZoot/status/1224282865644572672
  • Some Twitch Streamers to Watch
  • Cocaine Diesel https://streamable.com/vj3mg
  • The best quake client http://fte.triptohell.info/downloads
  • https://discord.gg/6U9RtT7 US Quake Community

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