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Retro FPS and Gaming on Linux – Episode 11

Full Tech Podcast
Full Tech Podcast
Retro FPS and Gaming on Linux - Episode 11

There is nothing like Retro FPS games and Gaming on Linux.

The two are almost mutually exclusive to each other anymore. Recently I decided to throw a flavor of Ubuntu onto a Modern Desktop of mine.

Gaming on Linux

Everything worked like it would on a Windows OS.

This is because Steam has been hard at work making Linux a great gaming platform.

Warfork, Quake, Duke Nukem to name a few worked straight out of the box. Doom 2016 is said to be supported fully now on Linux.

Quake Fans Radio

QuakeFans Radio is a live show over on the Quakefans YouTube Channel! Smango (twitter) is live every Saturday Morning starting around 8 A.M. EST.

Join in on the conversation over on the YouTube Chat!

Quakefans covers Arena, Retro/Indie First Person Shooters. This includes but is not limited to games like Quake, Doom, and Team-based fps. Diabotical is on the rise and will become a focal point.

Be sure to check out the website for tips, tricks, reviews, and podcasts on all of these amazing games!

Gaming on Linux Episode Topics

Cool Links

Down below you will find some cool links that you should check out.

Things like the YouTube Channel, Twitter, and Podcast links!

Join up in Discord so we can game together and chat about our favorite games over in “The Kingdom”.

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