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The BEST Arena Shooters 2022

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Looking for the Best Arena Shooters in 2022? Look no further has you covered!

These games are in no real order and are just the best of what the year has to offer in the Arena FPS Genre. Arena FPS games are making sort of a small comeback with Quake Champions with the largest player base currently.

If you are a beginner and looking for some help getting started with Arena Shooters you can join the discord down below! Plenty of Retro/PC Gaming enthusiasts to help you along your way!

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Quake Champions

best arena shooters

While the game gave us hope to put Quake back on top of the gaming mountain what we are currently left with is an Early Access title with a great Pro Gaming League. Sadly, there has been such a divide with the fanbase that QC doesn’t appear it’s going to reach the masses.

Quake Champions isn’t a bad game by any means but it is hard for new gamers to easily get into. All the old school quake gamers hate all the abilities and the new school quake players hate learning to move like the pros…

It is the most Populated Arena Shooter in 2022, that however does not mean it is the best arena shooter.

You can now download and install Quake Champions using Steam – Get Quake Champions on Steam Now!

Open Arena (Really Ratmod)

best arena shooters

I don’t have anything bad to really say about Open Arena other than it appears to be abandoned at least the core engine. But, there is good news. Ratmod is amazing and is getting frequent loves.


Ratmod brings great gameplay to Clan Arena, Deathmatch, and more!

If the Open Arena ever gets another major patch then this game should be on everyone’s radar if you love Arena First Person Shooters.

Open Arena has a pretty decent community and following its best to join some of the discord communities and find a time to play.

You can install OpenArena on Windows and Linux – Click to go to the download page!


xonotic logo

Talk about the sleeper hit of all the recent Arena Shooters I’ve covered and played. In my humble opinion of all the forks of Neuxiz, this is clearly the best.

Xonotic is fast, it’s polished the only real thing it is lacking is players.

Unfortunately, the game hasn’t been updated in quite some time. It’s due for a major release and update for modern PCs which would increase performance.

If you can find players online at a certain time you are in for a treat.

You will have to download and install Xonotic yourself from their website – Click to go to the Downloads Page

Quake Live

Quake Live Logo

Let’s update the engine on Quake III and make it more accessible to modern systems!

This really is Quake Live, in a nutshell, the only problem is you can’t mod the game like you could the original Quake III Arena.

Quake live brings lots of fixes and balancing to the old Quake III engine. While you can still get skins, models, and more using the steam workshop.

What I love most about Quake Live is there is still a thriving Clan Arena community out there and you can get in a quick game just about any time of day.

The only problem is it really hasn’t been updated in a long time either. So you might not be able to play it on a modern Operating System like Windows 10 or 11 without some help.

Watch this video and it might help you play Quake Live on Windows 10

Quake Live is the only game on this list that actually costs money to play. It doesn’t cost much $9.99 and yours to keep forever. Quake Live however was released once upon a time with a MONTHLY Subscription. Thank goodness this is no longer the case.

You can get Quake Live on the Steam Store – Click to Download Quake Live Now!

Some Honorable Arena Shooter Mentions

It’s sad really but Arena FPS games are just not as popular as I once thought they should be or what I thought they were going to be. (Which is one of the reasons I decided to rebrand to from

TheSmango Twitch

An example of that is the games that are about to be listed here. Ones that are good… just no one cares much about them anymore.

  • Diabotical – This is one game I really thought had a REALLY good chance to overthrow Quake Champions at one point. The sad truth is they couldn’t even get the Quake Live players to switch over to play CA/Wipeout and I believe no one likes killing robots(eggbots).
  • Warfork – I actually love Warfork, but ArenaFPS games are niche anyways, so a niche game with niche movement is hard for someone to pick up and play against a veteran. To be fair… all games are in a way but for whatever reason, it hits harder with Arena Shooters.
  • Unreal Tournament 4 – The Unreal Engine is fantastic, the game runs great, and it’s fun. Fortnite came out for Epic Games and basically Unreal Tournament (Now Deemed 4) has ceased development. What a sad way to go for such a classic franchise, I’m hoping Open Tournament does something.

Best Arena Shooters 2022: Conclusion

Every game on this list has something unique to bring to the table.

Quake Champions with all its different characters, movements, and abilities.

The last several years have been odd for the Arena Shooter and I look forward to having the next big game come and take all of our Arena FPS hearts.

I hope this list helped you find something fun to play this year.

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