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The Open Arena Pigeon Classic Tournament 2021 was Tantalizing!

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If you somehow missed the Open Arena Pigeon Classic event hosted by In The Keep! Don’t worry!

I Smango, recorded the full length event and was given permission to upload it on the FullTech YouTube Channel!

Collectively there where a TON of good matches and ended up being a 3 VS. 3 Clan Arena Ratmod Tournament.

The Video was recorded at 1280×720 but rendered in 4K HDR 60FPS! That is also why the video looks a bit darker because of the HDR10 settings.

Pigeon Classic 2021 raised a ton of money for the Child Play Charity during the Pigeon Classic of 2021.

I was glad to be a part of helping raise some money during our event of Open Arena!

With that being said be sure to go over and subscribe to the podcast and let them know you appreciated everything they done on the weekend.

I’m hoping we can work together more and bring some more Tournaments soon! A Cash Prize for some of the best OA players would be fun to throw.

Open Arena free and Open Source

Just a reminder that Open Arena is COMPLETELY free and it being Open Source is one of the main reasons I continue to support it here on Fulltech. I’m a huge fan of Open Source software! It is vital and important that we all share our software and video games because it is indeed FREE.

Open Arena doesn’t get any marketing budget and deserves to be showcased as one of the best open source games of all time.

You can pick up Open Arena completely for free over on and get the latest version for your operating system.

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There will be more tournaments to come and even more Open Arena coverage in the following months! With Quakefans becoming a part of Fulltech you can expect much of the same and more!

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