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Halo Infinite can’t play multiplayer – “No ping to our data centers detected”

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So, you are like the rest of us PC gamers trying to play Halo Infinite online and getting the “No ping to our data centers detected” whenever you click on multiplayer.

Like myself, you have probably tried everything in the world.

  • Re-downloading the game.
  • Verifying The Intergrity of The Files
  • Opening Ports on Your SOHO Router (Port Forwarding)
No ping to our data centers detected

Nothing seemed to work, I did get it to connect with my mobile device but no one wants to play FPS games on Mobile data. So what is the next step?

Is there something going on with your ISP? Well, I’m here to tell you my current job is I work for the ISP company and we don’t block anything.

This issue seems to be happening everywhere as multiple people are running into the same issue.

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Temporary Fix “No ping to our data centers detected”

Halo Infinite I can’t play multiplayer because I’m getting this error, using a VPN can help.

While I don’t like to play video games while on VPN because it CAN slow your connection down a bit. It does in fact work with Halo infinite.

Now it is going to affect you as much as you think? Probably not, but it is also according to which VPN server you choose. I tend to choose the closest one to me in my geographical area.


Since I’m from Kentucky. NordVPN has VPN servers in Atlanta so I try to choose them for a stable connection. I was able to play halo Infinite just fine without any issues.

You can use our affiliate link to purchase NordVPN if you want.

Get NordVPN

Will a free option work? I’m not sure I haven’t tested it myself, but when it comes to a VPN it is worth purchasing or at least getting a premium service. I wouldn’t trust a free VPN with any of my data. NordVPN is tested and a proven company.

Here in this video, you can see me using NordVPN to connect to Halo Infinite.


While not what anyone would expect from a Triple AAA Studio at least there is an option to get around it for now. You would think a company such as Microsoft could prevent this relatively easily but I guess that is what you get in an official Beta Launch.

Running a VPN does have tons of benefits it encrypts your data while you are gaming or browsing the internet. It can even stabilize SOME connections in some situations but it does slow it down a bit. With the extra layer of security of course it would.

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