Last Epoch Launch 1.0

Last Epoch Launch 1.0 off to a rough start


With the official Last Epoch Launch 1.0 one of the latest and greatest Action RPG to date rivaling games like Diablo 4 & Path of Exile is off to a rough launch.

Naturally whenever a game gets popular and is set to officially launch there are going to be many, many launch issues.

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In this article I’m going to share some of the issue going on with the game on launch and things I’ve noticed since picking up the game to play.

Last Epoch is not AAA

I’m not going to hold Last Epoch to AAA standards whenever a game officially launches but they should’ve been expecting more traffic on the games official 1.0 release date of 2/21/2024.

While trying out the game since finding out about it, I noticed that 0.9.2 that it was laggy to begin with whenever teleporting from Town. The game would say teleporting for a good 20 seconds sometimes before actually porting your character to town while using the teleport skill.

Eleventh Hour Games are the developers behind this game but I can’t imagine what kind of launch that they where expecting but it clearly wasn’t enough. As every new and old action rpg player is current hammering the servers and database to get logged in to see the latest 1.0 release, they was not prepared. But, how does one prepare for this? I’m not sure even the Gaming Developer Giant “Blizzard” hasn’t had a smooth sailing launch of one of the upcoming expansion or games in recently history.

Last Epoch vs Diablo 4 vs POE

It’s in every gamer or arpg fans mouth. Diablo 4, Path of Exile, or Last Epoch.

In my opinion Diablo 4 falls short, and becomes less fun the more you play it. It’s like I kept playing and playing but the game didn’t get fun. It’s shiny has a fresh coat of paint then you find out theres no sign of Diablo in a Diablo game. Like… Ok?

Diablo 3 in its later years has become a better game overall than Current Diablo 4 is and that’s saying a lot. Diablo 2 is perfection whenever it comes to Diablo games imo and rest high as one of the greatest games of all time to me. That’s not saying Diablo 2 doesn’t have its faults, it really does.

Path of Exile I do like but I cannot stand how you learn skills in the game, it feels like you had to many weapons and items to choose from but then you had to socket them with your materia from Final Fantasy 7 and be a certain color to be able to use that skills. It’s alright I do think POE2 will be something to check out in the future.

Last Epoch just feels right to me. It’s a good mix between Diablo & Path of Exile.

Path of Exile isn’t fun without using a build of some sort and starting that build from the beginning, you can jump right into Last Epoch and have a good time. While I’ve not spent 100 of hours yet like I have with most of the Diablo games and POE. The game just feels right, its almost like the eye test while watching sports. You kind of just know from looking at it and playing that its going to be a good game.

Last Epoch Online Play Unavailable

Last Epoch 1.0 Launch

Currently Last Epoch let’s you create a character but once you try to login as one of the “Cycle” characters you most likely will be faced with “Online Play Unavailable” and won’t be able to play the game online. The Developers have instructed that if you want to play 1.0 right now you will have to play in Offline Mode for now.

Unless you are one of the lucky few who got in the game early somehow there are still a slew of issues with stuff not loading and warping around. But, nonetheless they are playing and leveling up without most of us.

Conclusion: Game Launches are never smooth

I was looking forward to maybe getting a head start and playing the latest and greatest patch online. Of course I don’t know what I was thinking, seems like games that gain any popularity in recent years and the content locusts want to blaze through every game coming and going the servers cannot hold up. At least until they finally figure out the true root of the problem or have a better way at handling the oncoming traffic. I don’t know how load balancing would work for video games but I’m assuming that’s what they are paid to figure out.

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