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Top 10 Video Games that will Never Die!

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Welcome to Smango’s Top 10 Video Games that will never die.

I’m going to through a brief explanation of why I think each game will continue forward and always be a part of gaming culture.

Also perhaps a brief little history of my experience with each game or video games series that I list here.

This Top 10 will not really be in any specific order. These are just some of the Top 10 Video games I believe will always be around. I suggest you listen to the Full Tech Podcast where we discussed the reasons for some of these. Tons of games to be discussed and talked about to make Full Tech part of your week!

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# 10 – Call of Duty

Call of Duty Video Game

Whenever Activision releases a Call of Duty game, it instantly sells millions.

My experience with the Call of Duty series started with Call of Duty 2 on Xbox 360.

What Call of Duty 2 did right, was that it played so SMOOTH for a console shooter. They upped the Framerate to always 60FPS and made it very nice to look at.

Don’t forget the Single Player Campaign

The selling point of the Call of Duty series is the Multiplayer. The single-player really isn’t bad at all though. It’s almost like watching a Hollywood film in video game form. Some of the most memorable moments in gaming history even come from the Modern Warfare games.

With Black Ops IIII right around the corner and the release of yet another game mode. Blackout the COD answer to the popular game mode Battle Royale.

Call of Duty will continue to churn out games every year for basically as long as they want. Zombies, Team Deathmatch, Remasters, and more…

Me and you the person that is reading this, both know that the Call of Duty Games Series will never die.

#9 – World of Warcraft

WoW Vanilla box

Seriously this game has been played forever now. World of Warcraft is one of those games that is required to play on PC and well, for good reason. The game today isn’t the top-of-the-line graphics wise but it has so much detail it will still lag the best systems. Going into any raid, and congested town, you can almost guarantee that your framerate will drop.

Some have thought the game and even I have thought the game was dead after Draenor and other expansions.

I don’t think World of Warcraft is ever going anywhere.

World of Warcraft Clones

The amount of games that have tried to replicate the success of World of Warcraft has had is astonishing. The next WoW “killer” was announced month after month, and year after year.

I myself have caught myself buying some of these so-called WoW “killers” literally none of them capture the magic WoW has. Honestly, the only one that comes close is Final Fantasy XIV and that was after a complete overhaul.

Eventually, the servers will shut down I believe. However, the game will be played either in a WoW 2 or someone will host WoW on a private server or something somewhere giving the ability to play WoW literally forever.

World of Warcraft is one of the games that will never die.

#8 – The Legend of Zelda

Games Series that will never die

If you grew up young and played Zelda you might have discovered, that was never the hero’s name. Turns out the green-wearing tunic, pointed ear, the fairy-loving elf is better known as Link. Whenever you think of it now, Zelda really never sounded very manly at all.

So it’s a wonder why TONS of people thought that. I believe it goes back to the days of NES when the game’s name was Legend of Zelda you automatically made the assumption that the heroin was ZELDA.

Little did we all know whenever we went looking for the Triforce to revive Princess Zelda that this game would have as many entries as this one.

The recent success of Zelda Breath of the Wild, I think cements the fact that Zelda will always be around. If you forget about the awful games on the Phillips CD-I Zelda has always been a quality title to add to your gaming library. Although, some of the DS games aren’t my favorite just about every other entry has been fantastic.

Also, Zelda doesn’t need a timeline, even though they “officially” released one. It’s still confusing and with each new entry, they would have to update it anyways. Bad move Nintendo bad move. I also prefer the Top Down Zelda experience but some of the 3D games are fantastic.

Zelda is one of the games that will never die.

#7 – Madden (Football)

Madden PC Art

Better known as John Madden Football back in the day. It is literally the only Football Video Game left.

I could be mistaken, but I believe the NFL only allows Madden to use the official names and logos, pretty much putting the nail in the coffin on any other Football game forever existing. You can’t even make NCAA games now which I was a bigger fan of.

So if you enjoy Football and want a video game to play, you are stuck with Madden. Madden is a great video game though for the most part so that should be ok, but in the 2000s it had a competition with the NFL 2K series. Sega’s answer to Madden and a real competitor.

Brief Madden History

Madden started in 1988.  That is a whopping 30+ years of 1 game that is based on a game you play with a pigskin.

A video game about a game who knows it would be this popular but I don’t ever see it slowing down. Ever.

Madden will continue to be in all the sports fans’ houses until the end of time. With 0 competition will it ever slip up? Only time will tell but since it’s the only option… then I figure it will always be around, considering the history and how long it has already lasted. The Madden Video Game series will continue to grow as they have the rights to the NFL teams and players. No one has been able to touch madden in years.

#6 – Grand Theft Auto

gta london 1961 pc

Some, probably won’t even recognize the logo that is posted above. But, there was a time the go on a murderous rampage and killing cops was a top-down perspective video game. Also, I still can’t believe this still exists in the same way it did back in the 90s.

While it lacked all the hooking up with hookers to restore your health. It did have fun gameplay with tons of secrets.

GTA 5 Online changed everything

Going on bank robbing missions with your buddies online sounds crazy right? Well, it is possible with GTA5. Even though it seems like every other day Grand Theft Auto is in the news, it is still a game series that will never die. It is just way too popular and Rockstar doesn’t care one bit to push the limits on what should be allowed to release. I’m fairly certain that if they give up making a story mode there will be a GTA one way or another. It will just turn into an always-online game.

GTA MMORPG coming up?

Grand Theft Auto PC

I played Grand Theft Auto on the PC long before it took off on the consoles. If you are looking for Grand Theft Auto cheats on pc, you should simply look up a Grand Theft Auto Trainer. A trainer runs in the background and you can press buttons and get like unlimited ammo and weapons. PC is still the best way to play, with all the mods available it’s kind of insane. I still don’t have GTA 5 on PC but I’ve played it on PS4 whenever it was released initially for the system.

#5 – Doom

Games Series that will never die

Doom legit changed First Person Shooters. I know it wasn’t the first one, but it changed them forever. Wolfenstein was fantastic don’t get me wrong. The fast-paced, don’t think and shoot action that Doom gave us. There wasn’t anything like it, and still, they revitalized the series with Doom 2016.

Holy crap the amazing mods that are made for the original source code is INCREDIBLE. I suggest anyone that enjoyed the original doom game, look up how to install Brutal Doom and just feast your eyes on the awesomeness.

Doom and the new Doom 2016 is the game you have to try to beat every single time you release a First Person Shooter now. I really think unless it is released from ID no one can do it.

Doom Multiplayer

Multiplayer hasn’t really been a strong suit for the Doom Series. That also even goes for the latest Doom Eternal. Something just feels off. I do however want to point out that the Quake series has a very strong Multiplayer. Quake Champions has been released and is really the Multiplayer experience you would look for in a Doom game. Doom guy is even a playable character in Quake Champions making this the ultimate first-person games series that will never die. I cannot wait to see what else they decide to do with Doom.

#4 – Fortnite

21br keyart egs launcher blade 2560x1440 2560x1440 eb669235cae9

The Battle Royale sensation. This game type has literally taken over the world since 2017. Kids, Adults, literally everyone has heard of Fortnite now. Seriously there hasn’t been one person that doesn’t know what Fortnite is. Fortnite really IS that big of a game.

Do I think the Fortnite will soon burst? Sure, but it’s not going to be anytime soon. Then all they have to do is release the next version after next. The thing that Fortnite does differently than any other Battle Royale game is the building. That PLUS it has really an excellent Player Vs. Environment game or Story Mode.

What is Fortnite Lacking?

Fortnite is very competitive. For whatever reason, it doesn’t really have a COMPETITIVE or Ranked mode. I think if Epic games can figure out a ranked mode and condense the playlist to cater to the hardcore gamers out there. It won’t ever go away. The selling point of Fortnite? It’s Completely FREE TO PLAY. That is right, Free. This game is that big and it’s free to play they make their money off of Skins. Of course, the PVE isn’t free as of right now…

It is going to be F2P as well as soon as it isn’t in “early access”. I don’t know a game that is as big and makes as much money as Fortnite does and can still be considered early access. But you know… whatever. This is one of those games that will never die.  I expect Fortnite’s building mechanics will just continue to keep getting better.

#3 – The Elder Scrolls / Fallout

Games Series that will never die

Honestly, nowadays I feel like there’s not that big of a difference between the two. One has guns and is science fiction. The is fantasy and you use magic and swords. Other than that they play similarly, they are both RPGs. They both have open worlds, that let you do just about anything you wanna do. The Elder Scrolls or Fallout are the best Western RPG-style games made. Possibly better than many of the JRPGS that are made.


Bethesda is just making great games. They have some great IPs and they hold the keys to two of the biggest ones right here. They will pump out another Fallout. Another Elder Scrolls will come out and become a modder’s dream. I think The Elder Scrolls online was terrible, but now they are trying Fallout 76 as online. So we will see, how that goes.

The Elder Scrolls and Fallout will be a part of our lives as long as Bethesda has a studio. These are games that will never die.

#2 – Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy Series

I love Final Fantasy.

Seriously this put JRPGs on the map for most western gamers. How many reading this post have experienced a Final Fantasy game? I mean you have 15 OF THEM TO PICK FROM NOW. 15.

What game series has 15 entries? Not to mention all the spin-offs.

Final Fantasy will continue to churn out excellent stories and graphics. Square-Enix has become a staple in what a JRPG should be. I can’t put all my thoughts into how awesome Final Fantasy has been in my life that’s why I’m writing an article with my experience with each game.

A Game that has Final in the name and is a Games Series that will never die

Seriously a game that Final in the name and it seriously never ended. The company Square decided to finally listen to their developers and make a JRPG that would compete with Dragon Quest. Boy, they hit it on all cylinders. This was literally their Final chance. No worries now as they can slap Final Fantasy on a stinking turd and it would sell. I mean look at the terrible movie Final Fantasy the Spirits within and that should say enough.

How much longer will the Final Fantasy games continue? It really is untelling they are so popular just about every single one of them has been remade or remastered now.

Final Fantasy Series Sales

Whenever someone slaps the Final Fantasy name on a game, it automatically sells for tons more. There are so many games that were released on the original Gameboy. They really had nothing to do with the original Final Fantasy Series. Final Fantasy adventure I mean was secret of mana and played nothing like a turn-based RPG.

#1 – Super Mario

Super Mario Toy

Super Mario is bigger than a video game now. He is easily the most recognized video game character. He has his own cereal, tv shows, movies (even though it was terrible), clothing line, toys, and the list could go on.

Nintendo and Super Mario easily saved gaming, and had it not been for the Italian plumber today could I even be writing about any of these games? I don’t really think so.

I love it when people try to tell me Nintendo is going out of business. Really? How in the world do you think the people who designed and made Mario could ever be broke?

Seriously, I would love to know. They put Mario on anything and it prints money.

My son loves Mario, heck I love Mario. The games are always quality and family fun! Name another game that is this challenging and yet still can cater to any audience.

Started off beating up a Gorilla

Jumpman started off in the arcades on Donkey Kong but he quickly became Mario. Super Mario is amazing on the NES still today.

Speedrunners love doing different runs.  Such as not touching any coins in world 1 – 1. Trying to grab the star and make it to the end the fastest. The list is endless.

It helps that whenever a Mario game comes out that sells a ton of copies, proving that if it has Super Mario in the Title it is going to sell…

Super Mario Odyssey

The Latest game set it in stone that it is one of the games series that will never die. It mixes a perfect blend of old-school gameplay and modern. It is tremendous and it just goes to show you that Nintendo, as well as Mario, is never going away.

There is one last thing I want you to do. That is to comment down below or hit me up on Twitter. Let me know what you thought about this list if you agree with it or hate it.

Ultimately this list is very subjective on what should and shouldn’t be but I believe I made a decent list!

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