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WoW TBC Classic Launch was a Success!


Blizzard’s TBC Classic Launch was an absolute success!

Of course there was a DDOS attack on the servers, but it was cleaned up pretty nicely. Well done Blizzard networking team!

Lots of people where able to connect but I was unable to login around the 6 P.M. EST launch time.

I quickly came back around 7-8 and connected just fine. I was on my way to questing in Outlands without a hitch.

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TBC Classic All Raid Content Cleared… Already

It took a guild only 2 days to clear all the current raid content on that’s available on the current TBC Classic servers.

A European guild by the name of <Progress> has already cleared all of Gruul, Karazhan and Magtheridon.

This is an impressive feat, not only did these players have to hit level 70. They had to get attunements, and prepare for raids.

Some people are already saying that TBC is to easy and already over, because of this feat.

I’m on the opposite side, I believe that this was truly impressive and that this guild has been preparing for this all along. The guild had to have at least Tier 3 gear which lasts for a LONG time, the only gear that replaces it is tier 4, so they could jump right into raiding.

They didn’t have to grind dungeons for days/weeks to prepare for raiding, with the gear already collected. They also didn’t have to learn fights, as The Burning Crusade is well a 14 year old version of World of Warcraft.

TBC Classic Launch

Creating TBC Classic Content

I’ve decided to make a dedicated gaming channel on YouTube, and leaving the PC Gaming content on it, and on the Fulltech YouTube Channel only about tech.

The Gaming Channel name will be (TheSmango)

I’ve already produced my first piece of content for TBC Classic. On where to grind for some Linen Cloth to prepare yourself for professions as a tailor!

Whenever TBC launched back in 2007, I was a Dwarf Paladin. I figured this time around I would roll with my buddies as a undead priest and play horde.

If you are looking for a healer I’ll be playing on Kromcrush as the Toon – Smangoz

Be sure to hit me up in game.

TBC Classic Launch Conclusion

The nostalgic feeling this game has brought me has been overwhelming and hard to explain. At this time I was going to college, living in a broken down trailer. I barely had anything to be honest, but for some reason I had internet and a computer to play games on.

I spent most of my time doing raids till 4 A.M. and going to school till 8 P.M. to double up my classes so I could play more WoW.

While I don’t think I’ll ever get that serious into this game again. It has been a great remembrance of how far I’ve come as a person.

14 Years is a long time.

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