Quake in 2020 – Quakefans Radio Episode 7

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Quake in 2020 - Quakefans Radio Episode 7

Wake up with Smango every morning around 7 A.M. with you daily dose of arena fps news and more live over on the youtube channel. https://youtube.com/c/QuakeFans

Quake has finally reached the year 2020 and there is tons of content to be had. The YouTube Audio is a bit janky I tried to fix it for the Podcast. Turns out I had an extra MIC turned on and its laying on top of a desktop… producing weird noise.

Anyways, I fixed it the best I could in Post for the Podcast but sorry I didn’t pick it up during!!! Shouldn’t be an issue next time!

Today I’m covering the Following

More Links and Stuff!

Everyone needs more links to click on right?

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