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Quake Champions Winter Patch 2019 and More – Episode 4

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Quake Champions Winter Patch 2019 and More - Episode 4

Sorry about this but it looks like I’ve lost the ending to Episode 4. I’m not even sure what was said now!!

I was really sick on the day of recording this so maybe something happened that I’m not even aware of… or YouTube deleted it because of some weird monetization.

Anyways the Quake Champions Winter Patch for 2019 released and there is more NEWS on AFPS.


Today I’m covering the Following

  • LexCS Thinks He is Training for Project A while playing Quake Champions
  • Thoughts on The Quake Champions 2019 Patch, and the Nvidia Pulsar Skin
  • Diabtoical News Today or Question from 2GD Not sure what it is How many
  • Sysadmin and Tech people play Quake

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