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Hardware Cheats and Tower of Koth – Episode 34

Full Tech Podcast
Full Tech Podcast
Hardware Cheats and Tower of Koth - Episode 34

Hardware Cheats have been a thing for as long as I can remember with console gamers modding their Xbox controllers to do a rapid-fire faster or whatnot. For some reason, I never thought of a Mouse being used as a cheat device until recently. It has come out that Hailstorm the famous Athena players in Quake Champions admitted to using such a mouse. Find out what I think about the situation.

We are also covering the latest Quake Champions Patch and talking about the newest map Tower of Koth.

How do you feel about Hardware Cheats? If you have an opinion always remember you can leave a comment or mention @thesmango on twitter! or join the discord!

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Quake Fans Radio Is now the FullTech Podcast.

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