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Elon Musk Owns Twitter – Episode 48

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Full Tech Podcast
Full Tech Podcast
Elon Musk Owns Twitter - Episode 48

Elon Musk Owns Twitter now and Smango makes that the main topic of this Podcast Episode.

Featuring more topics on Linux, Sys Admin, and Gaming you can see the breakdown here below!

Elon Musk Takes over Twitter

  • Thoughts on Twitter Blue
  • Will Elon Make Twitter better?

Tech Section

  • Why do you need to learn Linux Less Resources, Free no stupid licenses and certificates running out, Free to learn and use

Best way to begin with Linux Explained

  • Retro
    Still waiting on my MSX Controller so I can authentically play MSX2 games on real hardware

Modern Gaming

  • Sonic Frontiers
  • Might be the best Sonic Game in a long time

MTG Arena – Brothers War Release

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