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Full Tech Podcast
The Diabotical Podcast

Smango decided to make an only Diabotical Podcast EPISODE! Celebrating the release and successful launch of Diabotical. The latest Arena First Person shooter.

Right now the game is still in Closed Beta. To get your hands on a copy be sure to check out diabotical.com

The Diabotical Podcast

Diabotical Podcast Topics

No morning spill or anything. Just an episode about how much I’ve enjoyed Diabotical and having that itch to play it again.

I cover all the good and bad things (not that I totally agree) that I’ve heard. Huge fan of the Wipeout Mode!

Be sure to listen and let me know if you enjoy Diabotical as much as I do. If you didn’t enjoy it be sure to let me know too! Do you think Diabotical has what it takes to turn AFPS around?

I think Diabotical is great. I also think that it has had a positive effect already on the life of Arena First Person Shooters.

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Diabotical is on the rise and will become a focal point. If you are looking for a show or podcast about quake and quake like games. Hit the Sub button.

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