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Diabotical Closed Beta Weekend – Episode 14

Full Tech Podcast
Full Tech Podcast
Diabotical Closed Beta Weekend - Episode 14

In This Episode, Smango covers the Diabotical Closed Beta Weekend!

If you didn’t get invited be sure to sign up now at your chance at the next closed beta weekend!

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Diabotical Closed Beta Weekend Topics

Special Guest Nukest you can follow Nukest over on his Twitch Channel https://twitch.tv/nuk3st

We talk about our experiences with Diabotical and comparisons with Quake Champions and other games


  • Top Diabotical Names/Comparisons
  • Thoughts on The Opening
  • Will Diabotical be succesful?
  • 53 Rounds of Madness & People are already elite

Quake Champions

  • PTS is trying – Clan Arena – Instagib CTF
  • QPL Katowice and the CoronaVirus

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Diabotical is on the rise and will become a focal point.

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