NES Super Mario Bros 3 Review

A Gamer’s Review of NES Super Mario Bros 3

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This is my small NES Super Mario Bros 3 Review.

We will cover graphics, sounds, gameplay, and just the overall influence Super Mario Bros 3 has had on the world.

Super Mario Brothers 3 is one of my favorite games of all time for the Nintendo Entertainment System. I think it shows off everything the NES is capable of and really put Nintendo in a different era of game development.


SMB 3 took all the great sounds from SMB 1 and turned it up a notch.

The game sounds and music all feel crisp and beautiful to the ear.

I really love the music on some of the maps. It really brings me back to my childhood whenever I hear the sounds.

If you are looking for a score then I give the Sounds on this game 10/10 almost perfection.


NES Super Mario Bros 3 Review

The Original Super Mario was literally earth-shattering whenever it came to gameplay and graphics.

Then SMB 3 came out and shattered it.

While the original game brought us out of the Atari-looking graphics Mario 3 made the graphics even better.

Everything is more Colorful in Mario 3, enemies, the background, and the sprites are all much better than in the original.


This really shows off what the NES is capable of.


If you thought the original plumber game was great. Wait till you play SMB3.

All the awesome powerups, the sliding down hills, and the movement, and control are better.

You can be a HAMMER BRO.

Mario turns into a Frog…

You can jump in boots, you can pick up turtles.

Whenever it comes to platforming greatness on the NES.

Super Mario 3 checks all the check marks and then some.


Super Mario Bros 3 Influence on the World

The Wizard Movie

Considering they made a movie to promote Super Mario 3. You can imagine what kind of effect Nintendo knew they had on the world.

You cannot mention this game and not mention the movie that was literally an advertisement to showcase the game.

It’s not a great movie, but then really it is in a way too.

The Wizard shows off everything I love about gaming. Grab yourself some popcorn, pop in the movie in your VCR, and learn what the Movie Advertisement showcased the game.

Super Mario Bros 3 Review: Conclusion

As I’ve said before.

Super Mario 3 is one of my favorite games on the NES. It’s also on the Must Have NES Games List.

It could be one of many of the games that got me into gaming alongside its predecessor. It’s one of the games I ever first played growing up.

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